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Signature of Program of Educational, Scientific, Cultural, Youth and Sports Cooperation

The Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia Alenka Suhadolnik and the Deputy Director General, Head of Division for Culture & Scientific Affairs Raphael Gamzou signed the »Program of Educational, Scientific, Cultural, Youth and Sports Cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the Government of the State of Israel for the years 2012-2014« at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem on July 26th.

The Program represents the continuation of the development of cultural, educational and scientific cooperation among the two countries. Among other topics the program stimulates reciprocal cooperation of institutions and organizations which are involved in culture, science and arts education as well as artistic, scientific and educational exchange. It stimulates bilateral cooperation in mass media, radio, television, cinema, press, electronic media as well as language and literature teaching and learning.

Beside other fields of cooperation the Program grants five eight-months long post-graduate scholarships for Slovene postgraduate or research students in Israel and up to three nine-months long after-graduate scholarships for Israeli postgraduate students in Slovenia.
The Program will become effective the 30th day after the signing.

 Please find herewith the text of the programm