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A Meeting of the Ambassador with Dror Dotan, President of the Israel-Slovenia Chamber of Commerce and Industry

At the premises of the Embassy, Ambassador Boris Sovič and Minister Plenipotentiary Andreja Horvat met with the President of the Slovenian-Israeli Chamber of Commerce  and industry Dror Dotan and newly appointed director, Dr. Daniel Yogev.
The Chamber has already established cooperation with the Slovenian-Israeli Business Club in Ljubljana, led by Boštjan Kočar. In November a Slovenian business delegation is expected to attend the conference and exhibition Water Technology, Renewable Energy & Environmental Control in Tel Aviv. Early next year Israeli business delegation is planning to visit Slovenia.
Israeli-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry:
Dror Dotan (dror.dotan(at)cii.co.il), Daniel Yogev (daniel(at)matimop.org.il).
Slovenian-Israeli Business Club:
Boštjan Kočar (bk(at)lambda-group.si)